How Digital Sanitizers Can Maximize the Value of Digital Signage

digital sanitizer

With the new addition of a digital sanitizer, businesses can use this technology to prevent germs and spread them from one person to another. Not only will the display reduce the spread of germs, but it will also give customers confidence that the workplace is sanitary. Additionally, the digital sanitizer can be programmed with sanitary advice, menus, and promotions. These features allow businesses to maximize the value of their digital signage.

UV light converts regular light into UV light to kill microorganisms

A POE system is a type of disinfection method that uses ultraviolet light to kill bacteria, fungi, and viruses. During the early 1900s, UV lamps were used for drinking water disinfection. They were abandoned, however, due to their high operating costs, unreliability, and the growing popularity of chlorination. Luckily, new technologies have made UV lamps an effective method for water disinfection.

Far-UVC therapy has been shown to kill microbes, and was recently tested against the MRSA superbug. Brenner and his team found that far-UVC killed MRSA cells just as effectively as conventional germicidal light. This means far-UVC technology may someday help prevent hospital patients from contracting drug-resistant superbugs. The potential uses for far-UVC technology are numerous.

Interactive digital signage integrates with hand sanitizer dispenser

Four Winds Interactive, a provider of interactive digital signage solutions, has developed a new solution that integrates a hand sanitizer dispenser with a small form factor touchscreen. This solution enables hospitals to communicate critical information to staff and patients while offering convenient access to health and safety resources. The new system also includes an integrated hand sanitizer dispenser, mask, and a touchless hand sanitizer dispenser.

This interactive kiosk combines a freestanding digital display and an integrated 22-inch commercial grade touchscreen. During the dispensing process, the hand sanitizer dispenser lights up green, reminding users to wash their hands with it before entering the environment. The kiosk can display a variety of messages, from company policies to upcoming sales. Additionally, it can feature streaming content or images. The digital signage and hand sanitizer dispenser work together to promote sanitation throughout the store.

XM Aegis Series

XM Aegis Series digital sterile dispenser kiosks are designed to make it easy for people to sanitize their hands. Its design is based on the Android operative system and features in-built audio. It also allows you to monitor its inventory, and its refill alerts. You can also use it in educational institutes. With its connectivity options and inbuilt digital signage, it can be used to communicate relevant information and products to the masses.

The XM Aegis Series digital sterilizer kiosk is a high-tech device that not only dispenses sanitizers, but doubles as a communication and branding tool. With an accuracy of +-0.2 degrees Celsius, it can even recognize a face when wearing a mask. XM Aegis Series digital sterile dispenser kiosks feature multiple connectivity options and a long working life. The kiosks are equipped with alerts, so that users can get to them as soon as they are contaminated.


A MetroClick digital sanitizer is designed to help restaurants and retail stores meet COVID-19 requirements to prevent the spread of infection. These kiosks are equipped with a built-in sanitizing station and a touch screen for added user convenience. The patented thermal sensor and built-in camera provide customers and employees with easy access to sanitizer. The Sanitization Station can also be used as an interactive marketing tool for brands and retailers alike.

Designed to be easy to install, the MetroClick hardware can be integrated into any wall or supported by a stand. It comes paired with a Content Management System (CMS) that manages the signage portfolio and private screens. It also provides red-hot reporting, tools for monitoring network health, and a user administration console. For added convenience, the system features a centralized management console. The user interface lets users manage content on multiple displays at the same time.


The NoviSign digital sanitiser kiosk offers an effective way to fight the harmful effects of the coronavirus, a viral disease that has been increasing in the workplace for years. Its sleek, auto-dispensing design and integrated 21.5″ display allow customers to use the hand sanitizer without having to physically go to the kiosk. The NoviSign digital signage kiosk software offers an easy drag-and-drop feature for customization, and the latest news and headlines are delivered via a convenient notification system.

NoviSign’s hand sanitizer kiosk offers a 21.5″ non-touch screen digital signage display, a one-year renewable digital signage license, and an internal 1 gallon auto-dispenser for liquid, foam, or gel sanitizer. In addition to dispense liquid, foam, or gel sanitizer, the NoviSign digital sanitizer includes a drip tray and WiFi or 3G/4G connectivity. It is fully customizable, and an optional pedestal is available for free-standing operation.