Should I Buy a Condominium in Admiralty Drive Singapore?

should i buy a condominium in sg

Condominiums in Admiralty Drive Singapore offer great investment potential and offer lifestyle upgrades without overstretching oneself financially.

However, it should be remembered that condos require considerable expenses in terms of maintenance costs, while foreign buyers will incur Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty (ABSD).

Think long term and be ready to wait three, five or 10 years for property prices to appreciate before making a decision.


Condos can be an attractive option to buyers due to their combination of amenities and lower maintenance costs compared to single-family homes. Before deciding to purchase one, it is crucial that you understand all costs involved – this includes purchase price, Buyer’s Stamp Duty (BSD), and any fees.

To determine how much home you can afford, consider your mortgage-to-income ratio. This ratio can be determined by adding up all your monthly expenses and your future mortgage loan installment to this total figure.

Your monthly condo payments should total no more than 55% of your gross monthly income and take into account new TDSR rules which restrict borrowing capacity; these regulations aim to ensure financial sustainability and prevent excessive debt accumulation.


Purchase of a condominium can be an excellent investment when done at the appropriate time and from a developer who has proven their track record and excellent reputation. Also make sure that IRAS property valuation of the unit you want to buy shows no overpaying!

Location is also an important consideration. To save money and increase its value, try buying near public transit; this can save on petrol and taxi fare while increasing value as well. Nonetheless, remember that certain locations might only offer studio-type condo units; take this into account before making your final decision.


Condos provide residents with various facilities designed to make life more fulfilling, including playgrounds, clubhouses and Function Rooms. Some even feature rooftop gardens which promote healthier lifestyles while providing opportunities to connect with nature. Plus some condos feature private cinema rooms perfect for entertaining friends and family!

Modern condominiums also provide high levels of security. These modern developments boast 24/7 surveillance and CCTV monitoring to keep both you and your belongings secure at all times. Furthermore, some smart home systems allow residents to remotely manage all aspects of their residence through one app; such as lighting control, temperature regulation and security – giving peace of mind as well as saving both time and money!


Assumptions about leasehold property values decrease with their remaining lease years dwindle – known as “lease decay.” However, this assumption may not always hold true: generally speaking a condominium with more than 78 years remaining on its lease is considered equivalent in value to freehold properties.

Leasehold properties tend to command lower market prices than freehold ones due to their shorter lease lifespan and subsequent return of land parcel to original owner upon expiration.

When purchasing a leasehold property, it is crucial that you conduct extensive research and seek expert advice. This will enable you to navigate the intricate process more smoothly and ensure a successful transaction.


Purchase of property can be one of the greatest financial commitments one can undertake, so it is wise to partner with an agent who can assess property prices, assist in paperwork filing processes and explain any nitty-gritty details of purchase agreements.

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Agents can assist in negotiating pricing for resale condos and may recommend lawyers who conduct searches and legal confirmations for you.

Agents can also help you understand the TDSR formula used by banks to assess how much of a mortgage you can afford, which takes into account both current and future monthly payments, car loans, credit card debt and any other debts – having an accurate understanding of this calculation will allow you to avoid overpaying for property.