Digital Signage for Banking

banking digital signage

If you’re in the banking industry, you’ve probably considered implementing digital signage to your business. Digital signage is a great way to advertise your business without breaking the bank’s budget. These displays can be anywhere, such as the outside of a building, and they can be informative, entertaining, or both. Here are some ways to use digital signage in your banking business. Read on to learn more. And don’t forget to check out our other articles on digital signage for banking.

Mood digital signage solutions

Mood digital signage solutions for banking are based on dynamic custom content to effectively promote products and services while delivering the brand message. They feature built-in options to showcase local weather and regional news. The company’s online platform provides centralized management of content, allowing users to schedule, edit, and customize content to match their needs. A variety of content options can be displayed on different screens, including video, audio, and animations.

Mood Interactive Displays make banking environments more engaging and fun. Mood offers large single-unit systems as well as tiled displays with multiple screens. Mood offers a wide variety of customized digital signage solutions to meet your specific needs. They can also be used to recognize employees, share HR information, and provide quality breakroom entertainment. The versatility of these solutions makes them a smart choice for banking environments.

Mood digital signage content templates

With Mood digital signage content templates, you can easily customize your messages and create custom, eye-catching signage. You can use the templates to advertise your brand or service, and upload your brand logo to personalize your content. With easy to use, drag-and-drop configurations, you can schedule your content and display it anytime. Mood’s digital signage software is fast, reliable, and easy to use. The company offers a complete end-to-end solution, including hardware, content, service, and support.

Mood digital signage content templates are available in a wide variety of color schemes and designs, and can be easily customized. Using these templates will save you time, as they are already designed and formatted for your display. Moreover, they’re easy to deploy and manage. Compared to creating custom content, these templates will give you the look and feel you’re after without all the hard work. In addition, they’re compatible with most devices, including touchscreens.

Mood digital signage media player

With a Mood digital signage media player for banking, your bank can promote the latest news, suite of products and services, and even reduce print costs. With a wide range of customizable content and control over brand, Mood’s digital signage solutions provide an exceptional visual experience. Even if your customers can’t stop in, on-hold messages can answer frequently asked questions and increase brand voice. Mood’s comprehensive digital signage solutions make managing content a snap, and they come with a variety of professional templates that are easy to use and customize.

Mood offers a variety of solutions, including music, messaging, digital signage, A/V systems, and scent marketing. With Mood, you can consolidate vendors and take advantage of economies of scale. To get started, simply enter your account number and device identification from at least one ProFusion device. Mood will list account numbers on invoices and provide technical support to assist with installation. For banks that have a budget, Mood offers a custom solution that is both powerful and affordable.

Mood content management portal

FirstMerit Bank has selected Mood Media to provide custom digital signage solutions for 200 of its branch locations. To assess the feasibility of a new solution, the bank installed trial screens in one of its Chicago locations to test configuration models and content strategies. Mood is pleased to partner with FirstMerit to make customer experiences even more memorable. The company’s technology helps banks manage content for digital signage and delivers a seamless customer experience.

Mood’s solution is based on dynamic, customized content that promotes products and services, as well as the brand message. It includes a built-in option for displaying local news and weather. The online portal provides centralized content management with a highly intuitive interface. Content is easily shared across branches, allowing users to create customized content and schedule it to be shown at different times. Once created, Mood allows users to control and manage content from one central platform.

Return on objectives

Digital signage is an effective tool for banks to meet marketing objectives across multiple locations. Nine out of 10 banks report that they use digital signage as part of in-branch marketing. The benefit of digital signage is that it is flexible, enabling banks to deploy content that is timely for their specific audience, whether that is related to a recent jump in the annual percentage yield, or tax season promotions. For example, by posting tax-related information on digital signage, banks can increase engagement among existing customers and drive more revenue.

When looking to determine the ROI of a digital signage program, it is useful to look at results against defined objectives. A return on investment (ROI) is calculated by subtracting the original investment from the desired action or behavior. In banking, the ROO can be a percentage of the amount spent, such as the number of social media followers a bank receives for each dollar spent. Other metrics to measure return on investment (ROI) are employee ratings and the number of new customers who are acquired.