The Benefits of Large Format Prints in New Rochelle, NYC

Large format printing allows businesses to produce eye-catching graphics that effectively increase brand recognition and sales, as well as attract potential clients at exhibitions or trade shows with an engaging display containing an eye-catching call-to-action feature.

Select a professional printing company with extensive industry experience for optimal prints that meet all applicable standards. This will guarantee top quality prints at reasonable rates.


Large format printing offers your brand an opportunity to make an unforgettable visual statement. Its high-resolution graphics and vibrant hues capture potential customers, creating an impactful first impression that leads to brand recognition, conversions and customer retention.

Solvent-based printing is an adaptable method suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Solvent-based printers use non-water based inks that adhere well to various materials like vinyl and plastics; their UV curing technology instantly dries them during printing process for immediate prints that are both abrasion resistant and long-term in even harsh environments, making solvent printers an appealing choice for businesses looking for long-term marketing displays.


Large format printing refers to the creation of printed materials that exceed what standard commercial printers can print, often known as wide or grand-format printing. Specialized production equipment must be utilized in order to print these larger than usual materials.

Large-scale printing can help your brand increase visibility, draw attention, and leave an unforgettable impression with its target audience. This versatile marketing technique can be applied to numerous marketing materials like banners, vehicle wraps, and trade show displays – giving your message maximum reach!

Selecting the ideal materials and printer for your project is key to its longevity and success. When searching for an eco-solvent or UV curing printer provider, seek those which use these technologies that ensure prints can withstand harsh weather conditions while maintaining vibrant colors.

Wide Range of Materials

Large format printing (also referred to as wide format printing) allows you to produce projects too large for standard printers – including signs, banners, point-of-purchase displays and marketing collateral.

Printing can be used for anything requiring large-scale display – plans and blueprints, wrapping company vehicles or custom window film – making this type of printing an invaluable asset in projects of any size. Artists and photographers can also take advantage of it to exhibit their work on an impressive scale.

Large format printing offers additional benefits that can help your business build brand recognition, such as logo accuracy and color consistency – especially important if working with multiple vendors.


Large format printers are capable of printing on an array of materials, including paper, vinyl and canvas as well as rigid substrates like foam boards or metals.

Large format printing makes it possible to design an eye-catching point-of-purchase display for your business that will draw in target consumers while building brand recognition and increasing brand recognition. Plus, large format prints make an impactful statement at trade shows or exhibitions!

Large format printers offer many benefits over traditional offset printing in terms of efficiency; their on-demand capability reduces overprinting risks while saving resources on unwanted copies.


Large format printing offers an effective and cost-efficient solution for marketing your brand. Its larger display area helps make marketing materials stand out and attract attention, and large print items can even be read from a distance, making them a powerful marketing asset.

Position them strategically so as to reach out to your intended demographics, and stand out amongst competing products in busy settings – helping increase sales and expand your business.

Easy to Apply

Large format printing can be applied to many materials. Depending on its purpose and audience, materials used will depend on where and for whom it will be displayed – for instance an outdoor event banner may require PVC material for optimal weather resistance. Furthermore, environmental considerations will dictate which installation technique should be used.

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No matter if it’s wrapping company vehicles, creating window films, or designing collateral for presentations and trade shows; on-site printing provides seamless communications that help teams stay on task by eliminating costly back-and-forth. Furthermore, accurate estimates help keep projects on target with high ROI.