Benefits of a Digital Wayfinding Kiosk

digital wayfinding kiosk

The advantages of a digital wayfinding kiosk are numerous. Some of these benefits include Interactive touchscreen, Floor plan, Concierge service, and Brand visibility. In this article we will look at the benefits of digital wayfinding kiosks for your business. In addition to the above-mentioned benefits, digital wayfinding kiosks offer the following features. Read on to find out more. Here are some examples of digital wayfinding kiosks.

Interactive touchscreen

An interactive touchscreen digital wayfinding kiosk can offer more than traditional directory and wayfinding functions. These mini-computers can also display advertising, basic information, or transactional messages, such as the phone number of a business. A touchscreen kiosk can also be used to help visitors navigate your business, get directions, or make purchases. In fact, it can even serve as a point of contact between customers and businesses. To learn more about the benefits of touchscreen kiosks, read on.

A touchscreen digital wayfinding kiosk provides customers with directions and maps to get where they need to go, without the use of a smartphone or a printed guide. Digital wayfinding kiosks can also provide important contact information, and can be updated quickly and easily, with one person managing all of the content. This makes them an excellent way to increase customer satisfaction and ROI. Digital wayfinding kiosks come in several sizes and prices, and smaller touchscreen displays are cheaper than larger ones.

Floor plan

Interactive maps with text, QR codes, and customer URLs can be embedded into digital wayfinding kiosks. These maps also have animated path features to highlight the shortest route. They can also promote events, transportation, activities, and services. If your venue or mall has a large number of locations, this solution is a great way to create a directory that is easy to read and navigate. It can also help property management earn extra revenue from advertising by promoting tenants’ stores.

Using a digital wayfinding kiosk can reduce traffic congestion in corridors and lobbies. Visitors can scan a QR code to get indoor maps, and the software is easy to use even for first-timers. It also makes it easy to notify other staff members when an employee leaves the building and is in need of assistance. Moreover, a digital wayfinding kiosk can also relieve the reception desk of traffic directing.

Concierge service

A digital wayfinding kiosk can function as a virtual concierge service, providing guests with real-time information on nearby events, attractions, and other activities. The kiosk can also display advertisements, special events, and local partner information. A digital concierge can even serve as a member of a loyalty program. It is the ideal tool for building a customer loyalty program, and one of the many benefits it provides is the ability to offer exclusive promotions and discounts.

A concierge service for a digital wayfinding kiosk offers additional features that make it the perfect solution for companies seeking to make their locations more inclusive. For example, an interactive kiosk can display messages in multiple languages, enabling those with hearing or vision impairments to use the kiosk to experience the location independently. In addition, companies in the hospitality industry may host visitors from other countries who speak different languages than their own. A digital concierge can provide important information in a visitor’s native language and make the experience as seamless as possible.

Brand visibility

One way to enhance brand visibility is to install digital wayfinding kiosks. They can help you reach more customers and increase your sales. Digital signage can also promote your social media accounts and website. While the wayfinding kiosk is useful to increase customer satisfaction, it is important to prioritize your brand and not make it the main focus. In the end, the most important goal of digital signage is to increase sales. But how can digital signage help you do that?

In addition to providing information, a digital wayfinding kiosk can also be used to deploy advertisements. If placed in high traffic areas, advertisements can drive potential customers to a business’ website. Additionally, they may entice customers to make a purchase or request more information. That’s a win-win situation for your business! Here are some tips to maximize the potential of your digital kiosk:


When deciding on the cost of a digital wayfinding kiosk, the business owner needs to keep several factors in mind. In addition to the initial investment, the business must determine how often it will need to be updated. Locations should be protected from vandalism and should have security features in place. Other costs that should be considered are regular supplies of ink and paper, printing coupons, and the cost of remote monitoring.

Touch screen kiosks are an ideal option if your business needs a digital wayfinding sign to guide visitors to specific areas. Unlike traditional signage, these kiosks can also deploy ads. This can help finance the kiosk, or even become a revenue stream. If the kiosk is located in an area that has high foot traffic, advertisements can attract new customers. The kiosks may even be attractive enough to draw customers to a storefront or website.